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Sat Oct 16 12:32:36 NZDT 2010

And that my friends is why you don't start a mail leave the room to check on
your 1.5 year old and leave your phone near your 3 year old.

What I was going to say is that I think the discussions are just starting.
I'm personally leaning towards either spi, software freedom conservancy or
hlt to hold community property.

I think it would be very premature and would disadvantage many people
including our vocal david lang to try and conclude anything at kohacon.

The programme is pretty chokka at the moment but I'm sure that some of the
talks will prompt some good discussion in the hallway track.  Maybe we just
let discussions continue for now? When I suggested an irc meeting at kohacon
I hadn't counted on the events of the last few weeks, or the fact that it
seems that every minute of the conference is already accounted for.

I don't think there is any need to rush this, if we get it wrong it will be
a mess, let's get 3.2 out of the way (very very close now) get 3.4 underway
and let talks continue.


On 16 Oct 2010 12:14, "DeGroff, Amy" <adegroff at ptfs.com> wrote:

It seems, from reading comments so far, that some are in favor of a
foundation and some are not.  Many ideas have been shared to the listserv
and our initial proposal remains on the wiki.

As a stake holders in this -- LibLime remains interested in compromise;  is
it possible that a mutually acceptable set of conditions can be developed
among us all?

Is discussing the options in person - in 10 days - the most logical next
step?   Is talking with us / working on this topic something that interested
parties are willing and able to do at KohaCon?

Amy De Groff
adegroff at ptfs.com

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> On Fri, 15 Oct 2010, Nicole Engard wro...

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