[Koha] please correct URLs in 'http://koha.org/about/get-involved/how-to-report-bugs'

JAMES Mason mason at kohaaloha.com
Wed Oct 6 01:36:53 NZDT 2010

>>> would *someone* please correct this misleading page, please?
>>> it's the first result for a 'koha bugs' google-search, and the links are incorrect and broken :/
>> http://koha.org/about/get-involved/how-to-report-bugs
> But when you go to that page, the links there are broken.

yes, thats what i wanted corrected ;)

> Where do I go to create a login so I can report a bug?

here is the correct bugzilla address -> http://bugs.koha-community.org/

i'm actually imploring PTFS/Liblime to edit that specific page, 'http://koha.org/about/get-involved/how-to-report-bugs'
as far as i am aware they are the only people with access to that page?

i am imploring them to correct the URLs to the koha-bugzilla, or remove that misleading/confusing page

thanks for responding to my question, too!

Cheers, Mason
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