[Koha] Proposal to form Koha Technical Committee (and Time Based Releases)

Lori Bowen Ayre lori.ayre at galecia.com
Sun Nov 21 10:03:24 NZDT 2010

I want to pull out these paragraphs from David Lang's email because I think
it is an important point about the benefits of sticking to time-based
releases.  I think if we had stuck to this principle, we wouldn't be having
the troubles we are having (as a community) with some of our biggest
contributors needing to support versions of Koha that are different from the
latest official version.

*Several years of time based releases after many years of 'let the dates
> slip, the release will be better' seems to show pretty decisivly that
> frequent releases with what's ready at that time work better in practice
> than delaying a release until the features that were tagged for it are all
> ready.*

> *

*if you delay a release until the feature is ready, there is a lot of
> to declare it ready when it really isn't, because people really **want all
> the other features that are in a new release.*

> *

*because the releases aren't predictable, developers really want thir stuff
> **to go into _this_ release because they don't know how long they will
> have **to wait for the next one. If you have frequent releases, the
> knowledge of **when the next release will happen (and therefor when the
> code will be **upstream)*

Well said, David.  And here here!  And ++

Lori Ayre
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