[Koha] Setting up federated search

Olugbenga Adara gbengaadara at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 09:51:26 NZST 2010

Hello all,

I am making a research into how to setup federated search. This will be to search separate instances of koha installed on separate servers. Here in Nigeria Internet access is not very reliable and so the option of having several libraries on same server is not attractive as the other branches will be fully down when the Internet access is down. But on separate servers, each branch can work and then search other branches if Internet access is available.

I have come across dbwiz, pazpar2 and also OAI. However I dont fully understand how to set up any of these. Specifically I would be grateful if i could get help/pointers/documentation/walk through on

1. How to enable public z39.50 server on koha install
2. The best (and easy?) method for federated search out of those above or any additional one
3. How to set up the system(s)

It would also be nice if the federated search could include online databases like JSTOR etc.

By the way i am using Koha 3.05 on ubuntu 9.10

Thanks so much to everyone who has made this a great list! 
Olugbenga Adara 
Mobile: 234-803-3220288


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