[Koha] Headings don’t link to pages containing records with those headings

Ricardo Dias Marques lists at ricmarques.net
Fri May 7 01:26:50 NZST 2010

Hi Miguel!  :)

On Mon, May 3, 2010, MiguelSB <miguelsbaptista at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I am having the following problem: I am using Unimarc and while subfield
> 700$a (entry element of Primary Intellectual Responsibility) and subfield
> 610$a data (Uncontrolled Subject Terms)  link to pages that have records
> with either that author or that subject (in the 700 field case, the URL ends
> with: opac-search.pl?q=au:Author name), the subfields 701$a (Alternative
> Intellectual Responsibility) and 702$a aren’t linking to pages that have
> records with those authors, and the subfield 606$a (Topical Name Used as
> Subject) isn’t linking to pages that have records with that subject. In the
> 701 field case, the URL ends with: opac-search.pl?q=an:8 and links to a page
> that has no results. I chose the same subject thesaurus for the 606$a and
> the 610$a subfields and the same author thesaurus for the 700$a, the 701$a
> and the 702$a subfields  [snip]

You don't say what Koha version you're using, so I'll assume that
you're using the latest stable version (Koha 3.0.5).

I think your problem is related to a bug that has been introduced in
January of this year (2010) and that has been discussed in the
following Koha Mailing List thread:

Incorrect search links in biblio displays

If you read that discussion, you'll notice, at the end, that a bug has
been reported (as Bug 4074) and there's a patch already submitted for

Bug 4074 – The 'Subject(s)' link(s) are malformed resulting in no search results

So, I guess this problem will appear fixed in the next Koha versions
(3.0.6 and 3.2.0).

I hope this helps!

Ricardo Dias Marques
lists AT ricmarques DOT net
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