[Koha] managing staged marc records for upload through "tools"

Jeremy Shellhase Jeremy.Shellhase at humboldt.edu
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Thanks, that makes sense to me.  

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On 30 June 2010 08:26, Jeremy Shellhase <Jeremy.Shellhase at humboldt.edu>
> Chris,
> I mean the a - Permanent Location, c- Shelving Location, b- Current
> Location, and other item values.
> The staging and importing screens offer options to create new items, but
> can't find where I tell it which location and which shelving location to
> use.

They only create items if you have item data attached in the 952
field. So if you want to upload a bunch of records with items attached
you need to add 952 fields to your records, 952a and 952b and 952c are
the subfields for location, 952p is for barcode.

> I can add items individually, but that's sort of painful.
If your MARC records don't have item information, that is really the
only way to do it. I would recommend using a tool like MarcEdit to add
item information to your marc records before importing them


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