[Koha] Koha 3.2 beta released

Galen Charlton gmcharlt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 13:34:27 NZST 2010


I am pleased to announce the release of the beta version of 3.2.  The
tarball can be downloaded from:


Checksums and signatures to verify the download can be retrieved from:


Bugfixes since 3.2 alpha2 include:

bug 4312 change default for tagsmoderation to 0 from NULL
(BUG #4857) aqplan.pl: consideration of Planning categories with
authorised values
MT3652 : Unifying the search of neworder with Search
(BUG #4811) suggestion.pl: display borrowers name in suggestion
information filters (Suggested By, Managed by, Accepted by)
(BUG #4810) parcel.pl: Fix a bug with applying a filter on pending
orders displaying
(bug #4523) possibility to show / hide the filters menu
Bug 3217 Impossible to change biblio record FW to Default
(MT2371) basket.tmpl, in basket details, change Open on => Opened on
(BUG #4356) Basket.pl: adding a link to the basketgroup
(BUG #4521) aqbudgets.pl - Transform undefined budget spent value to 0.00 value
Bug 4905 Runtime errors in about.pl
fix two broken calls to _FixPriority
bug 3344: display in-transit status on holds priority list
bug 4224: explicitly mark hold requests as being handled by item in transit
Fix for Bug 4532, Use include file for bibliodefaultview logic
Fix for Bug 4821, With multiple 5XX fields, the font display gets
progressively smaller
Bug 4423, Staff Client XSLT is just a copy of the OPAC one
Followup fix for Bug 4453: Removing invalid template fragment.
Fix for Bug 4278, canceling vendor add refreshes wrong
Fix for Bug 3895 - Menu on left of Contracts is for Admin Pages
Fix for Bug 4886, missing 404 redirection on wrong biblionumber for
MARC and ISBD details
Fix for Bug 4884, opac-showmarc.pl can't find compact.xsl
Fix for Bug 4859, Formatting cleanup for merge biblio record interface
Fix for Bug 4869 - Non-staff patrons logging into the OPAC don't have
option to place holds from Public Lists
Bug3916 : Batch Modify tool overwrites branches fields
Bug 4474 swap options for sys pref singleBranchMode
Bug 4902: Add missing b_phone and b_email to borrower details
bug 4900: add in missing value for usedaysmode pref
Bug 4897: Invalid XHTML in opac-userupdate.tmpl.
fixes to xt/sysprefs.t test case
fixed permissions for item batch deletion and modification for French
fixed problems in xt/permissions.t test case
Bug 4895: Add missing granular permissions
Bug 3682: change message_attributes.message_name from varchar(20) to varchar(40)
Fix for Bug 4868 - Improve controls for cloning and deleting MARC subfields
Page structure correction, helps Bug 3850 (Page Need Design Work)
Fixes bug 3619: _send_message_by_email not respecting
AutoEmailPrimaryAddress = 'OFF'
BUG 4883: Staff - remove \n from strings for translation
Bug 4833: OPAC - remove \n from strings for translation
Bug 4895: Add missing granular permissions to ru-RU, uk-UA
Bug 4895: Add missing granular permissions to de-DE, pl-PL
But 4890: Fixes invalid XHTML in basket.tmpl
Bug 4889: Fixes minor XHTML error in booksellers.tmpl.
Bug 4827: Fixes library drop-down list in aqbudgets.tmpl
bug 4896: granular permissions now always on (DB rev 138)
MT 1816: Granular permissions for the serials module
Bug 4472 - Missing / in img tags breaking xslt (and other img tags)
Bug 2789 Fix UNIMAC leader plugin
(bug #4853) change rights needed to renew loans
Bug #4864 Add SIPServer Perl Module Dependencies
MT2938 : Adds a permission for editing items
Fix for Bug 3081, Url's contain spaces
Fix for Bug 3770, 'Add to list' page only allows adding to private lists
Fix for Bug 3722 - Branch deletion results in incorrect message
Fix for Bug 3926, inadvertantly resurrected by me.
Fix for Bug 3992 - New Sys Prefs Branch - Local Use Tab not Highlighted
bug 4205 remove extra 'plan by' option
Bug 4844 Remove a circular dependency in koha_perl_deps.pl
Fix for Bug 4504, Confirmation messages in opac account not translated
bug 4845 change language from reserves to holds
German web installer files, including translation of MARC21 frameworks
bug 4445: Upping the daily limit for XISBN
bug 4445 update OCLC text tips on preferences
bug 4834 split joined preferences
bug 4027 fix testStatus typo to textStatus
(MT #2565) fix aqplan csv export, and turn off debug
bug 4508: fix crash when editing patron attributes or message prefs
bug 4816: require authentication for placerequest.pl
bug 4386: fix email hold filled notifications
removed needless imports of the YAML module
Bug 4199: Adds ability to print routing slip. Patch 2.
Bug 4199: Adds ability to print routing slip from serials-collection.
Bug 4805: Fixes multiple subscriptionid's being passed to serials-collection.
bug 4377: ensure HOLD_PRINT letter added during installation and
upgrade (DBrev 135)
bug 4311: respect OPACXSLTResultsDisplay
bug 4018: remove duplicate unAPI link when XSLT bib details display on
(bug #4487) permit - and . in callnumber plugin
Correct position of non-sorted table column
Corrected: Fix for Bug 4529, columns on circ history all screwy
(BUG #4521) aqbudgets.pl - Transform undefined budget spent value to 0.00 value
Bug 4510 Script processes single supplier not an array
(bug #4522) fix plugin unimarc 210$c
Bug 4517 - add authentication to reorder_members.pl
update sample news on new install with koha-community.org urls
Fix for Bug 4534, Box for SQL not visible in "Create Report from SQL"
moved INSTALL.debian-lenny to INSTALL.debian
bug 4464: properly check if a subfield is populated if it is in a textarea
Bug 2889: Adds highlighting to serials-collection.tmpl
Bug 3910: Removes an erroneous heading from the serials search results.
bug 4505: updated release notes
Bug 4505 - Bumping the perl version to 5.8.8 or greater
bug 4802 - fix swapped files in acq help
bug 4802 add missing order search help file
bug 4801: fix paging in display of staged bibs and import batches
bug 4802 add new acq help files
update main page help file
fix XHTML error in bib details print page
(bug #4519) fix record printing
Bug 4525: Invalid XHTML in currency.tmpl.
bug 4151: fix migration_tools typo
Bug 4516 (Character shift in MARC21 Field 008)
Backing down the required version of Graphics::Magick
Enhancement Bug 4444: Centralize Code Handling Perl Dependencies
bug 4509: remove references to PINESISBN system preference
Bug 4507 Don't return null vendor to claims processing
Bug 3768 (Bibliographic Framework Test)
fix XHTML error in about.tmpl
BUG 4499: Javascript error messages not translatable
Bug 4141 Reconcile 3.0.x and HEAD database updates for 3.2.0
Correct URL for Baker & Taylor ContentCafe
(MT3318) RSS OPAC: Adding CDATA term in title and description tags.
Fix for Bug 4485, System preferences page uses non-standard warning style
A couple of CSS and markup corrections
Bug 4300 Display 866z summary holdings public note in OPAC
stocknumber not saved properly
MT2582: Fix user deletion without permission
wr-70205 Rental discount not being respected
Bug 3093 add syspref to turn off multiholds button
Bug 3928: Modified date should follow syspref
Bug 3928: Modification of date for serials.
Display current selected category when editing lists.
Fix for Bug 4475, AmazonLocale not used consistently
Markup corrections for validity and to eliminate horizontal scrollbar
Fix for Bug 4400, BIBTEX export from OPAC results in empty file
Bug 4470 Patron search result pagination bar
Do not declare variables within (bogus) conditionals
Reserve and onloan were reporting the same cardnumber, due to a little
bug in detail.pl fixed by this patch
Fix for Bug 3666, Overriding renewal limit means negative count in OPAC
Bug 3671 Workaround for font display problem
bug 4403: look in appropriate theme/lang for bib display XSL
quell 'non-initialized variable defaulttab' warning
fix malformed call of XSLTParse4Display
Further corrections for Bug 4244, Use "checkouts" instead of "issues"
Style changes to cart popup window more compact display: - compact
holdings list - adds list bullet image from the staff client
(MT #2966) fix opac-user.pl function problem
Bug 4465 Fixes translated boolean syspref inversion
exclude TinyMCE from non-UTF8 file checks
move misc source file test and fix scripts to xt/
Further fixes for Bug 4208, Many submit buttons are not translatable in 3.2
fixed Syndetics breakage
Fixes bug 4448: &'s in itemcallnumber
Fix for Bug 4416, renew all and return all buttons too close together
Fix for Bug 4453, Improve formatting of batch item operations
Fix for Bug 2375, Serials holdings data does not display in opac-detail
Fixes bug 4452: CircControl syspref listed as ItemHomeBranch rather
than ItemHomeLibrayr
Changes to kohastructure.sql to add some missing drop if exists +
change in install.pl mysql show tables
Web Installer -> Step 3 --> ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 301: Table
'branch_item_rules' already exists
fix template translation issues
Fixed Patron Search Results
Use CSS3 box-shadow property for Cart tooltip

In addition, various improvements to the Debian packaging were made.

At this point, I am declaring a string freeze with the following exceptions:

* forward ports from 3.0.x (for which translated strings can
presumably be grabbed from the 3.0.x translations)
* remaining 3.2 release blockers.


Galen Charlton
gmcharlt at gmail.com

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