[Koha] Collecting bookmarks / links about Koha on Diigo

Kristina Hoeppner kristina at catalyst.net.nz
Sat Jul 31 19:45:20 NZST 2010

Hello MJ,

Unfortunately, I do not know of a bookmarking service that satisfies all your criteria. Delicious is not really an alternative in my eyes because you cannot do so much in it as with Diigo. The cool thing, as Nicole mentioned, is that you can set up Diigo so that it sends your bookmarks to Delicious if you also have people following your bookmarks there or if you like Delicious better in general.

> Is there a good
> non-evil bookmarking site that aggregates all such bookmarks feeds?

I do not know of any such site. However, as both Delicious and Diigo allow for RSS feeds, they could easily be set up in an RSS reader. But of course, then one would miss out on bookmarking things oneself. It should be possible to create one feed of all RSS feeds, e.g. the Diigo group, other feeds, and put the resulting RSS feed on the Koha Community page. Gotnoblog doesn't seem to have an RSS feed though.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to bring all different services together?

Have a nice weekend


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