[Koha] conversion marc21 to unimarc

Daniel Legoff dlegoff at bm-limoges.fr
Thu Jul 29 21:52:24 NZST 2010

our library is moving to Koha this year with the help of Paul Poulain's 

We are a large public library specialized in "francophone" (French 
speaking) litterature.
Our Koha will be set up as using the UNIMARC format, inside and as the 
import format
But we wish to use the canadian libraries AMICUS repository to import 
French canadian bibliographic records. They are exported in iso2709 marc 21.

Does anyone of the Koha community knows of such an API configurated for 
translating marc21 to unimarc ?
We have downloaded USEMARCON which is a conversion tool , but it leaves 
the user in front of the task of  typing in the marc21/Unimarc table.. 
If we could avoid this !

Thanks a lot


	Daniel Le Goff
Bibliothèque francophone multimédia
2 place Aimé-Césaire
87032 Limoges cedex
05 55 45 96 94
dlegoff at bm-limoges.fr

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