[Koha] Web Installer Authentication

Frederic Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Tue Jul 27 22:53:17 NZST 2010

> I created the database structure successfully, and the apache error 
> log narrowed down to this line:
> [Tue Jul 27 03:33:03 2010] mainpage.pl: Install required, redirecting 
> to Installer at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Auth.pm line 459.
> Regardless of the credentials I enter, I keep getting the 
> authentication form without any sort of feedback.

You fail when trying to do a redirection to this page which is the web 


Can you load directly this page?

You should have a web page displaying this title: "Welcome to the Koha 
Web Installer".

You may need to view your Apache log file rather than the Koha log. 
Something is probably wrong in your apache conf file, generally 


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