[Koha] All in one search

Nitesh Rijal nitesh at healthnet.org.np
Tue Jul 27 17:21:24 NZST 2010

Hello all.

We have about 12 libraries running KOHA under one single installation but
multiple databases. Is it possible to search in all the databases through
any one of the interfaces?

I mean to say that, when I make a search then it should look in all the
databases and return the result under each library name category in a page.
I guess that is not possible in the default koha installation, but I'd like
to ask if there is someway how it can be achieved.

As far as I know, it can be only done by manually adding different branches
and then adding records under each branch by bulkmarc import. But still may
be there is another way that is easier and more convinient.

Please reply.

Thank you.

Nitesh Rijal
rijal.it at gmail.com
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