[Koha] koha-zebra-ctl.sh: 22: [[: not found

Vimal Kumar vimal0212 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 23:31:05 NZST 2010

Dear Friends,

When i tried to start Zebra daemon I got the following messages.
Anything wrong?
My koha version is 3.00.06.

library at library-desktop:/usr/share/koha/bin$ sh koha-zebra-ctl.sh start

koha-zebra-ctl.sh: 22: [[: not found
Starting Zebra Server
koha-zebra-ctl.sh: 62: [[: not found
koha-zebra-ctl.sh: 62: [[: not found

library at library-desktop:/usr/share/koha/bin$ sh koha-zebraqueue-ctl.sh start
koha-zebraqueue-ctl.sh: 21: [[: not found
Starting Zebraqueue Daemon

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