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Hi all,
My name is Jean Bernon. I am the director of a French university library, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. We are using Koha for circulation and catalog since April 2010. I shall send few messages to the list because my main job is not working with Koha. But an Italian librarian Zeno Tajoli sent a question about 995 setup in French libraries and asked for we reply on the general list. Here is my answer.

Hi Zeno,

Fixing a common use of 995 tag is a good idea but uneasy to do. Local fields are... local. I am not sure that there is ONE French setup for 995. Here is the University Lyon 3 setup for 995, very different from yours.

1     Fund

2     Price            -> items.price

3     DateLastSeen      -> items.datelastseen

4     IssuesNumber      -> items.issues

5     StatisticCode     -> items.statisticvalue

6     EntryDate         -> items.dateaccessioned

7     UpdateDate        -> items.timestamp

8     LastIssueDate     -> items.datelastborrowed

9     itemnumber        -> items.itemnumber

b     HomeBranch        -> items.homebranch

d     HoldingBranch     -> items.holdingbranch

f     BarCode           -> items.barcode

i     CallNumSuffix

j     Location          -> items.location

k     CallNum           -> items.itemcallnumber

l     CallNumPrefix     -> items.materials

n     DueDate           -> items.onloan

o     Availability      -> items.notforloan

r     LoanRule          -> items.itype

s     CallNumSource     -> items.cn_source

u     ItemNote          -> items.itemnotes

v     Damaged           -> items.damaged

w     Lost              -> items.itemlost

z     Withdrawn         -> items.wthdrawn

Biblionumber and biblioitemnumber are in 999 and not 099

We use a bibliographic ccode in 319 to limit searching by document type. 319 according to the format of the University national catalog SUDOC.

I like some of your fields : URI, bibliographic entry and update dates.

In order to be complete, I have to say that your proposal agrees with the history of 995 tag. French librarians from public libraries first used 995 to establish a common recommandation and you can have a look at the genuine recommandation<http://www.adbdp.asso.fr/spip.php?article674>


Jean Bernon

Université Jean Moulin Lyon3

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Envoyé : mardi 13 juillet 2010 16:08

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Objet : [koha-Infos] To define default 9xx fields for Unimarc setup in all languages

Hi to all

[Sorry for the english but I don't konw French]

I sent this mail to different Koha-mailing list because the topic is

quite wide.

If you are also on koha-dev list, replaty to this list.

Instead replay on koha general list.

I send the mail also to koha-france because many user of Unimarc are French.

But I don't know French, please replay to koha general list or to koha-dev.

Today the complete Unimarc setups are the English and French,

As I know Italian,  Ukrain, Russian and Poland setups are direct translation of

English or Frence setup

But on local fields English and French are not compatible.

Many 9xx fields need to be the same in different languages because the indexes

definitions in the file etc/zebradb/marc_defs/unimarc/biblios/record.abs

are based on specific 9xx values.

And the file record.abs is only one for all Unimarc setup

So my proposal, for 3.2 and also [if possible ] for 3.0.x

We re-write English setup in 9xx fields and we use it

a minimun and a standard that ALL unimarc setups need to follow.

It means that we need same change also to French setup.

I want to discuss with everyone about this topic.

I will write all the patch to fix the situation.

So my proposal:


001        Local number -> biblio.biblionumber

090$a      Local number -> biblioitems.biblioitemnumber

099$c      date of creation -> biblio.datecreated

099$d      Date/time last modified -> biblio.timestamp

995$0   Withdrawn status -> items.wthdrawn

995$2   Lost status -> items.itemlost

995$3   Use restrictions -> items.restricted

995$5   Date acquired -> items.dateaccessioned

995$6   Copy number ->  items.copynumber

995$7   URI -> items.uri

995$8   Koha collection -> items.ccode

995$9   Internal item number -> items.itemnumber

995$a   Homebranch (free text) ->items.homebranch

995$b   Homebranch (coded)

995$d   Holding branch (free text) -> items.holdingbranch

995$d   Holding branch (coded)

995$e   Shelving location-> items.location

995$f    Barcode -> items.barcode

995$j    Inventory number -> items.stocknumber [only 3.2]

995$k   Call number -> items.itemcallnumber,

995$l    Numbering (volume or other part) -> items.materials

995$m  Date of loan or deposit -> items.datelastborrowed

995$n   Expiration of loan date -> items.onloan

995$o   Circulation type (not for loan) -> items.notforloan

995$r    Type of item and material -> items.itype

995$v    Serial Enumeration / chronology -> items.enumchron [only serials]

995$u    Copy note -> items.itemnotes

942$0   Koha issues (borrowed), all copies -> biblioitems.totalissues

942$2   Source of classification or shelving scheme -> biblioitems.cn_source

942$6   Koha normalized classification for sorting -> biblioitems.cn_sort

942$c   Koha [default] item type -> biblioitems.itemtype

942$s   Serial record flag -> biblio.serial

1)Fields 001 and 090$a, BIB Identifier in two places

As French setup, to ahve a correct Unimarc we need BIB id in two places:

001 -> biblio.biblionumber

090 $9 -> biblioitems.biblioitemnumber

biblio.biblionumber and biblioitems.biblioitemnumber must be numerir,

we need to stress this fact in data conversions

2)Field 995 as item field with those subfields:

This proposal is full compatible with French Unimarc

setup and it has also the items subfields that are mandatory for circulation,

  inventory, acquisitions and serials.

3)Field 942 as biblio/item field.

This field is new for all unimarc setup, in english unimarc setup

  there is 990 but 990 is similar, not identical.

I select 942 instead of 990 because 990 is present in French setup

with a specific meaning.

I ask to French people to accept to put biblioitems.totalissues in

942$0, it is the base of the

popularity index. Now the base of popularity index is in 995$s.

This proposal is only a minimum, if you think there are others 9xx


that MUST be present in every setup, please replay.

If you want to discuss it, please replay.

Bye to all

Zeno Tajoli

Zeno Tajoli

CILEA - Segrate (MI)


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