[Koha] Collecting bookmarks / links about Koha on Diigo

Kristina Hoeppner kristina at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Jul 12 10:36:40 NZST 2010


My name is Kristina and I am new to the Koha community. I just began to familiarize myself with Koha a couple of weeks ago when I joined the Koha team at Catalyst around Chris Cormack. My function in that team is not yet clearly defined, but I will have more of an e-learning perspective onto Koha than a purely librarian's view of how to use Koha or a developer's view, and among others investigate ideas of how Koha could be integrated into learning management systems and e-portfolios, in particular Moodle (www.moodle.org) and Mahara (www.mahara.org) respectively as Catalyst is actively involved in the development of these two open source software products.

My background is in training teachers and students at higher education institutions in the use of digital media in general and educational technology in particular.

I am very excited to work with Koha, explore its functionalities, and help to implement ideas that allow Koha to be integrated into other systems.

As the Koha community already has a YouTube and Zotero group besides the community web site, I thought it would be an idea to also have a Diigo group in order to collect bookmarks that are solely concerned with Koha making it easy for people to find "Everything Koha" (http://groups.diigo.com/group/everything-koha) that is on the net. 

Chris and I already started to bookmark the first resources. We invite everybody to join the group and add further bookmarks. The easiest way to do that once you have created a Diigo account and got accepted into the group is to install the Diigo toolbar. Whenever you bookmark a Koha resource, you can immediately share it with a group, in our case the "Everything Koha" group (You can also share it with multiple groups.). It helps to find this bookmark if you tag it. 

Once you have selected the group you want to share your bookmark with, tags that have already been used in the group are recommended to you. You can also provide a description about the resource. That is particularly useful if the title of the web page does not provide a whole lot of information about the web page content. If you are stuck somewhere in Diigo, you may want to check out their tutorials.

A note on alert settings: The default settings for alerts on new content in the group is "immediate". That means you will get an email shortly after somebody added a resource. If you do not want to receive that email or change the settings to an email once a day or once a week to keep tabs on new additions to the group, please change your alert settings on the web page of the group.

If you only want to browse the bookmarks, you can also do that and do not need a Diigo account.

Kristina Hoeppner
E-Learning Specialist
Catalyst IT
Phone: +64 4 803 2267

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