[Koha] Clarifying history of PTFS feature releases

Frederic Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Fri Jul 9 06:44:34 NZST 2010

> I am at a loss to understand why everyone is suddenly bashing us for 
> following the rules and the release path we were encouraged to use for 
> these features. 

Your recollection differs from mine and your clarification doesn't help 
much to gain in intelligibility.

When July 2nd, Stacy Pober reported that:

    In the meeting, I asked how long they estimated it would take for
    the official Koha community to integrate the code once it had been
    released. First one Liblime staffer said two or three years and then
    another one said, 'more like four or five years'.

We didn't hear you. It wasn't bashing at all, Koha community bashing, 
just a witty remark I suppose. So please avoid to cite my equally witty 
remark, authorized and justified by your and yours silence, in order to 
pose a victim.

Take me apart and don't count on me to follow you there and elaborate 
more on that.


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