[Koha] Trouble with .koc-files and check-ins

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Thu Jul 8 04:28:47 NZST 2010

Hi all!

I'm having some trouble after a client has registered a number of
check ins in the offline client
(http://millruntech.com/koha/koha-tools/koha-offline-circulation). The
file looks A-1 OK, but when I upload and process it I get this for
every item, regardless of whether it is on loan or not:

Warning: Unable to determine patron from item barcode (71560695).
Cannot check in.

I have tried looking at the code, but have not been able to find any
obvious errors. I have also tried to copy the relevant bits of code
into a script that I run from the command line, and this seems to
work. The script (offline_circ/process_koc.pl
does some tricks with forking processes and running stuff in the
background that is above my level of incompetence, but since this is
on a server with several dev-installs I was wondering if the
background stuff might be losing sight of what installation it is
working on, and not working against the correct MySQL database. Just a
hunch though.

Has anyone else had similar experiences or know about a solution?

Magnus Enger

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