[Koha] Koha releases - Clarification/correction

Frederic Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Thu Jul 8 02:43:33 NZST 2010

> Why are you rebasing the harley code into 3.2?  It was my 
> understanding that PTFS knew it was too late for the code in harley to 
> be included in 3.2, but that it could be integrated properly into 
> 3.4.  That is why it was released in its entirety for now rather than 
> as patches.

Galen rebases code into 3.2, enhancements or bug fixes of interest for 
the upcoming 3.2 version. And Chris rebases code into futur 3.4: that's 
rather new functionalities that can't be integrated into 3.2.

> Also, I believe that code will be released more frequently from PTFS 
> than every 6 months.  It is just that any given piece of code is going 
> to be tested by the PTFS customer base first.  However, I believe 
> their release cycle will be more frequent than 6 months (though I 
> don't remember the frequency).
> How do other vendors develop their code?  What is harely if it is not 
> a branch?  Is it not considered a branch because it has not been 
> rebased since October?  (These are sincere questions on my part.)

What's required by release managers is not a unique branch per vendor, 
based on a 9 month old Koha code, but a branch per feature/bug fix. And 
each feature branch, as already explained by Chris and others several 
times, must be rebased regularly into current version of Koha. The 
'rebasing' process has to be done by the feature developer. Rebasing 
means that you have to manage conflicts, merge portions of code, and so 
one. This task could be time consuming and mustn't be supported by 
release managers but by feature developer who has been paid to do his 
development and to contribute it back into Koha.


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