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> Having said that, currently the 2 people rebasing the harley code
> (developed and released by ptfs, not inherited by anyone) are the 3.2
> and 3.4 release managers, while dealing with patches and branches that
> don't need to be rebased ...... slow going.
> You can check the progress here
> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/PTFS_Harley_Integration
> And the rebased branches are published here
> http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=summary
> The code will eventually merged, but there's doing it the easy way,
> and doing it the hard way, this is the hard way, and I see no reason
> for it. Nor to have to do this all over again every 6 months.

Why are you rebasing the harley code into 3.2?  It was my understanding that
PTFS knew it was too late for the code in harley to be included in 3.2, but
that it could be integrated properly into 3.4.  That is why it was released
in its entirety for now rather than as patches.

Also, I believe that code will be released more frequently from PTFS than
every 6 months.  It is just that any given piece of code is going to be
tested by the PTFS customer base first.  However, I believe their release
cycle will be more frequent than 6 months (though I don't remember the

How do other vendors develop their code?  What is harely if it is not a
branch?  Is it not considered a branch because it has not been rebased since
October?  (These are sincere questions on my part.)

Most of what I'm saying is based on memory of various conversations I've had
so I hope I am not mis-stating anything.


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