[Koha] Available vs restricted vs not-for-loan

Bob Ewart bob-ewart at att.net
Tue Jul 6 06:56:59 NZST 2010

My chief librarian is trying to properly show books in the special
collections area on the search page.

We do have some books which are not available since they are stored
off-site, usually second or third copies.

Some books are rare and are not for loan, but they are available in the
library.  Others are restricted in that they are available and can be
borrowed with the permission of the chief librarian or someone she

When I specify any value in field 7 (not for loan) the Location column
on the search results says:

1 item
No items available
1 unavailable
...Lent by permission (or some such)

which my chief librarian finds confusing, since it is available

How can I show the books as available for use in the library, and may be
lent by permission?

How do you treat reference books?  They are available for reference but
not for loan.


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