[Koha] z3950

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Mon Jul 5 04:51:18 NZST 2010

On 3 July 2010 19:12, MJ Ray <mjr at phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> ldiaz at greendata.es>
>> Hello all
>> we would like to convert a koha server to: z39.50 server and srw
>> ¿Is it possible?
> It depends what you mean by converting a koha server.  If you mean
> opening it up so others can use it over z39.50, you probably want
> to open up Zebra to z39.50 access.  See the Zebra documentation.
> http://www.indexdata.com/zebra/

There's also section J.9.2. in the documentation:

Magnus Enger

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