[Koha] KUDOS - ALA—Boston Public Library at 3 PM on Saturday, January 16. Proposed Agenda

M. Brooke Helman abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 21 17:03:24 NZDT 2010


The membership definition got re-worked at the meeting.  The dues structure is also being revised.  The board if directors is in the process of reviewing the minutes.

       Well that's a good thing. I agree heavily with Owen. Think about your Library volunteers, or if you're a clever administrator, your employees. People might start out loving your Library, but they aren't going to give the shirt off of their back or the sweat off of their brow for you the second they move to your town. (Unless of course they've been heavily brainwashed by the previous duhrector ;) ) 
        Yes, at a certain point, money factors into things. That's why I'm proud there's a big ole IMLS grant out there, and a hearty thanks to the folks that authored it. We already do a pretty darn good job of pulling resources under the aegis of consortia. We need to figure out how to blend that model, a user's group model, and a development style model. I'm not advocating for reinventing the wheel, I'm advocating for the reinvention of a Pirelli slick for our kick butt product. I have no worries about what we come up with meeting IRS guidelines.
        I've asked after planning before, please read back into the listserv (Try a search for Office of the Head Bullshitter). I also offered to help with bylaw creation at KohaCon and was never approached to call that in. We need a Mission and Vision that represents us all, so that it's easier to have a product that reflects us all. Bottom line, if we wanted SIRSI, or any other commercial product, we'd be running that. So it's my heavy caution to not ape their customs. Our developers do what we want as users quite often for free, or for the standard rural Library rate of thanks + baked goods :D Frankly, they won't do frivolous things, and I think that's usually a good thing.
        And at risk of sounding like a broken record, fun is a very important factor in open source. Fun is not in contra to productivity.


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