[Koha] environmental variables or something else?

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Fri Jan 15 09:19:31 NZDT 2010

Hi Amy
2010/1/14 Amy Schuler <schulera at caryinstitute.org>

>  Good morning,
> Sorry for the re-post.  I did not receive any responses so I will try once
> more in case there are any bright ideas

Perhaps you missed my response, so I'll repost it below.

Kind Regards,

Hi Amy,

2010/1/7 Amy Schuler <schulera at caryinstitute.org>:
> koha at Koha3:~/kohaclone/misc/migration_tools$ ./bulkauthimport.pl -file
> bulkauthimport.xml

You need to supply the -m parameter: '-m MARCXML' as I assume your
records are in xml format from your file extension.

See 'perl bulkauthimport.pl -h' for more info on commandline params.

> I am also interested in the response to Luis Diaz recent question, about
> to make sure that zebra indexing is actually working when you have chosen
> use the zebra indexing after the initial web installer setup (turning
> nozebra sys pref OFF, then running rebuild_zebra.pl – is this all it

You can 'sudo ps -ef | grep zebra' at the command line to verify that
the daemon is running.

Searches that work with the nozebra syspref off should also indicate
zebra is running and healthy.

Kind Regards,
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