[Koha] Problem adding 2 or more items to a record

jay titleistfour at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 06:43:01 NZDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working to get Koha installed for our small library, which has
about 20,000 books.  I have been able to get Koha installed successfully,
but have had a probem when a record has 2 or more items added to it.

We imported all of our MARC data, but the items did not import over. So, at
that point we decided to do some testing and manually add some items to a
few records. We found that when we add 2 or more items to a single record,
when we click that record in the OPAC search results, we get a 404 page.
 But, if we remove those items, leaving 0 items or 1 item, then the link
works fine.

I have tried the following install scenarios, and had the same results each

Koha 3.00.04_fixed on CentOS 5.2 x86
Koha 3.00.04_fixed on Ubuntu 8.04 x86
Koha 3.02.00-alpha on CentOS 5.2 x86
Koha 3.02.00-alpha on Ubuntu 8.04 x86

Our backend is a Linux MySQL 5 server, completely different box.  With each
version, I left the database intact and just pointed the Koha install at it.

I posted a backtrace on IRC yesterday to see if someone could help.  We get
the following backtrace on 3.00.04 on both CentOS and Ubuntu

I'm really confused at this point, and am not really sure what to do next.
 If we can't add more than 1 item to a record, then the software really
won't be able to help us.

Can someone please offer some help or maybe some pointers where I could
troubleshoot further?  I've only been using the software for 2 days so I'm
still learning about it.

We would love to have this in our Library.  Thank!

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