[Koha] Koha support from Equinox

Galen Charlton gmc at esilibrary.com
Fri Feb 12 06:58:43 NZDT 2010


As some of you know, I'm Galen Charlton, release manager for Koha 3.2.  I have some news to share from my employer, Equinox Software, Inc.  We will start offering services for Koha, including hosting, support, migration, and development.  Our initial focus will on hosting and support, but we'll be active in development as well.

Equinox has been supporting and developing another big open source ILS, Evergreen, since 2006, and Equinox's founders were heavily involved in the creation of Evergreen for the Georgia PINES consortium.  We'll be using our Evergreen experience and in-house Koha experience to support both ILSs for our customers.  We'll also work to bring good ideas from Koha into Evergreen, and vice versa.

Equinox is committed to the public, mainstream Koha.  We will be extending the Equinox Promise [1] to our Koha customers.  In particular, all code that we develop for our Koha customers will be submitted in a timely fashion and will always be available in a convenient form for anybody to use and improve.  Our hosted customers will always have direct access to the source code and Git repositories for their particular Koha setups and local customizations.  We will encourage and support any customers of ours who want to directly participate in Koha development.

[1] http://blog.esilibrary.com/2009/09/16/the-equinox-promise/


Galen Charlton
VP, Data Services
Equinox Software, Inc. / The Evergreen Experts
email:  gmc at esilibrary.com
direct: +1 352-215-7548
skype:  gmcharlt
web:    http://www.esilibrary.com/

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