[Koha] Printing Slip Issues

Nicole Engard nengard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 13:12:44 NZDT 2010

Hi all,

I got the following from the Arcadia library and I'm really stuck on
how to help them.  If anyone else has any suggestions can you share
them with us all?

"We are able to print checkout slips/receipts on the 3 check out stations from
IE only using the Generic/Text driver. We can't print from FF or Chrome on
these stations using the Epson U200 driver. On the check-in station we can get
the Epson T220 driver to work with FF for the hold slips/receipts, but the
slips are too long and we aren't able to capture all of the holds
consistently--not sure if that is a Koha or FF issue. The receipts are still
form feeding twice the length of the receipt than we need or want. What are
other libraries using as receipt printers / drivers? This is still an active
issue for us. We would like there to be some consistency between the browsers
in use on the 4 circ stations. What we have now is just a band aid of sorts
because we needed to print something for the patrons."

Thanks a ton,

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