[Koha] Cannot save edited patron info in koha (but I can in mysql)

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Mon Dec 27 09:54:08 NZDT 2010

Hi Marty

As usual we also need to the version of Koha you are running, I can confirm
editing patrons works fine in 3.2.2 for me. Also check your error logs if it
isn't saving there is a good chance a database error is being thrown this
will be in the error log.


On 27 Dec 2010 08:08, "Marty" <ontariowolf64 at yahoo.com> wrote:

This might be a permissions thing, but I am not sure.

When I edit a patron's information I can change all fields I need to, but
after the information has been 'saved' nothing has changed (When I am logged
in as a superlibrarian)

I can play in mysql and do a 'UPDATE borrowers SET city = 'Keswick' WHERE
borrowernumber = 1234;
This results in the changes info showing up in Koha, but I need this working
in Koha, so the librarians can change patron info.

As usual, any ideas are appreciated.


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