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Please respond to the 2010 library automation perceptions survey.
This page describes how to participate:

More details:

For the last three years I have conducted a survey and written a
report on the perceptions that libraries form of the quality of the
core automation products they use and their satisfaction with the
service they receive.

Results from previous editions:

I have begun to collect data for the 2010 edition of the survey.  This
is an opportunity for libraries to register their impressions of the
ILS product they use, its vendor, and the quality of support
delivered.   Is support getting better or worse?  The survey also
probes at considerations for migrating to new systems and the level of
interest in open source ILS.   While the numeric rating scales support
the statistical results of the study, it's the comments offered that
provide the most insight into the current state of library automation

Please help your fellow libraries who might be in the process of
evaluating library automation options by responding to the survey.
Any information regarding vendor performance and product quality can
be helpful when making strategic decisions regarding automation
alternatives.  A large number of responses strengthen the impact of
the survey and the subsequent report.

If you have responded to previous editions of the survey, please give
your responses again this year.  It's very helpful to understand
whether things are getting better or worse.

As with the previous versions of the survey, only one response per
library is allowed.   While all the individuals that work in a library
may have their own opinions, please respond to the extent that you can
from the general experiences of your library.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the survey.

Marshall Breeding
Director for Innovative Technology and Research
Vanderbilt University Library
Editor, Library Technology Guides

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