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My library is having the same problem as the one below, described by
Elaine Bradtke (re: "is there a way to auto-generate 001 fields in
Koha?). We are using Koha version


Have any of you encountered this before? Any advice would be greatly


Thanks in advance!



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Is there a way to auto generate 001 fields in Koha?


We already have numbers that came in with uploaded records from our old

Anything we download will likely have a control number  from the
original cataloguing agency - which I'm thinking of modifying by adding
a letter prefix, so it can't possibly duplicate what we've already got
in the system.  


But what about original cataloguing?  I'd hate to think we just have to
guess. . . 

Just off the top of my head, using YYYYMMDD followed by a two digit
sequential number should do the trick. But it would be a lot easier if
something like that could be auto generated.  It's unlikely we would
ever have more than one person cataloguing at once, but one never knows.

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