[Koha] slow response time

Rachel Hollis Rachel.Hollis at stevenshenager.edu
Fri Aug 20 10:06:24 NZST 2010

Greetings friends, our Koha 3 has about 5600 items and 1400 biblios; some biblios have 100s of items. We are experiencing very slow response times with transactions involving biblios with many items. We have many circulations for a day or two once a month and some titles take several minutes to check-in or out, while our patrons wait in line.

According to my geek, Zebra (version 2.0.32) appears to rebuild the item index for either the entire database or the biblio (my area of fuzziness) after each transaction. Is this the way Zebra is supposed to operate? If so, is there a way to rebuild indexes overnight? If there is another solution, we'd love to hear it.

We are running Koha on Debian Etch with Zebra on a P4 beater box running right next to my desk, available only on the intranet. We use Google Chrome as our interface to Koha.

Rachel Hollis, librarian
Stevens-Henager College, Boise Idaho Campus

2010 Winner of Best Places to Work in Idaho

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