[Koha] after migration issues

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Thu Aug 19 04:28:34 NZST 2010

Thank you for the response!

I'm unfortunately, not quite understanding where you added the "default" rules at ?

Did you add a Library with a code of default? and a patron type with a category name of default?

like here ?
CodeCategory nameTypeEnrollment periodAge requiredUpper age limitEnrollment feeOverdueHold fee  
HBHome Bound Adult 99 months 18 years999 years0.00Yes0.00EditDelete
PTPatron Adult 99 months 18 years999 years0.00Yes0.00EditDelete

and here.....??

Pine Ave. ElementaryPINE1025 N. Pine St. 
Alma, MI 48801 
Ph: (989) 463-3111 Edit Delete 


>>> Louis Buteau-Vaillancourt<louis.buteau at sys-tech.net> 8/18/2010 11:42 AM >>>
Hello Scott,

We are currently using the latest version from git and faced a similar problem when placing holds. I don't know if it's a bug but our solution was to add rule to "default" (library default and Patron category Default). After that, everything was working.

Good luck

Louis Buteau-Vaillancourt, Ing.Jr, M.Sc.
Chef d'équipe / Chargé de projets

louis.buteau at sys-tech.net
418 520-0739 poste 146
514 907-0036 / 1-877-969-8324

SYS-TECH / Technologies de l'information libres

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Le 2010-08-18 11:31, Scott Owen a écrit : 
Hello again all,
I am in the process up migrating from Koha 2.2.9 to Koha 3.2xx (used git upgrade to latest rev.).
I *seem* to be pulling my items in correctly......but......
Unfortunately, I am still not able to place items on "hold".
I can check items out fine. 
Is there a "item available"Â setting I'm missing in my MARC fields ???
Is there a required setting in the administration of Koha I'm missing??
Could someone with a working "holds"Â selection on version of Koha 3.2.x please export a MARC record and post it? 
(so I can check it against my 2.29 MARCs and my 3.2xx MARCs to make sure I'm importing all the fields I need to import)
Here is an example of what I'm seeing 
(This user has no items on hold, and their are items available) 
Cannot Place Hold
Too Many Holds: SCOTT OWEN has too many holds. 
No copies are available to be placed on hold 
  Hold details
Patron: SCOTT OWEN (sowen) 
Priority: 1 
Pickup at:  Pine Ave. Elementary 
Hold expires on date:   Clear Date 
Place a hold on the next available copy  
Item type: 
Place a hold on a specific copyHoldBarcodeHome LibraryLast LocationCall no.Copy no.Information
  70259 Pine Ave. Elementary 

1Not on hold 
  74254 Pine Ave. Elementary 

2Not on hold 

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