[Koha] Seeking programmer: Patron Cards and Book labels: 3.06-- How are people printing them?

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Tue Aug 17 01:12:50 NZST 2010

Sorry to but in here.....but I have a couple questions..

Is there a known issue with 3.0.6 and labels? ( I already have a nice process for creating labels, but was hoping to use the Koha built in tools) 
I ask this as I have been in the process of migrating from 2.29 to 3.0.6, but, from what I gather from this conversation, I may be better off going to 3.2?
Can I do an upgrade via git to 3.2 from 3.0.6  (any know dependencies that will need to be chased down?)

>>> Chris Cormack<chrisc at catalyst.net.nz> 8/16/2010 4:25 AM >>>
* David M. Bucknell (dbucknell at iteachnet.org) wrote:
> If there is someone who would be willing to jury-rig patron card and  
> spine label printing ... write a script ... I'd be willing to  
> compensate hourly costs.
> I haven't heard from anyone except Chris, who is a contributing  
> programmer, I take it, so I guess everyone else has either an on-site  
> team or is paying a provider.  3.06 seems pretty cool and there is  
> really no alternative, so if anyone is willing to help for some cash  
> via paypal, it would be worth it to me.  I have three installations  
> that need this, none of which have a budget, but all of them hell-bent  
> on Koha because of me.
> Let me know if you can help, please.
Hi David

If these are new Koha installs, I would strongly suggest installing from
either the debian packages, or the git master branch.

As Chris Nighswonger (who wrote the labels code) has said, it has been
totally rewritten for 3.2.0 (it's 3.0.6 btw) so you are much better off
installing that.

Quite a few libraries, including Horowhenua Library Trust the original
Koha library, are running what is very soon to be 3.2.0 in production.

So I would class that as a real alternative, and in fact a better alternative to
installing 3.0.6 and having some one off customised and not reusable
work done.


Chris Cormack
Catalyst IT Ltd.
+64 4 803 2238
PO Box 11-053, Manners St, Wellington 6142, New Zealand
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