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Kelly Sherman ksherman at ptfs.com
Fri Apr 30 10:05:19 NZST 2010

LibLime Thoughts

LibLime (a division of PTFS) is disappointed to learn that the HLT Koha
Committee has chosen to cancel our scheduled conference call.  We thought
that we would discuss issues important to the ongoing development of Koha
and that we would form a partnership that would permit us to work together
globally to build a better open source ILS solution for libraries.

LibLime wants to assume the best and understands that the HLT Committee is
new to business matters, acquisitions, and financial transactions on the
scale required to move the Koha project to the next level.   Perhaps the
newness of these experiences has resulted in their one-sided point of view;
their conflicting and inaccurate web posts; and their decision to
participate in a conference call, only to decline it the next day.

The PTFS acquisition of LibLime *will* take the Koha project to the next
level by utilizing agile software development and systems engineering
methodologies.  Working closely with libraries, this effort will result in
advancing Koha into the ultimate open source ILS solution.

We will support Koha through the koha.org website and we will continue to
work towards our goal of developing and deploying a true next generation
system that manages both print and digital collections in a single
application.  We are asking for participants from Koha libraries that may
want to partner with us to maintain documentation, design new development
features, catalog bug issues, and promote Koha successes world-wide.   If
you are ready to help build a better Koha please contact ksherman at ptfs.com.

Kelly Sherman

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