[Koha] marc import fails

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Fri Apr 30 07:40:15 NZST 2010

Hi Joel,

Just some troubleshooting thoughts.  Have you tried looking at the bookwhere file using MarcEdit?  I had a situation where a wrongly formatted record would cause the import to fail - and would identify the following record in the file as the culprit.  Using MarcEdit you should be able to look at the first record in the file, and also to break out a subset of the records and see if they import.  Maybe that will give you a clue as to where the problem is.



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I contacted you a few months ago regarding a Koha installation I did for a small school. Everything is going well, we are now in production with only a few minor hicups. Great stuff, thanks for Koha - it is a great tool and it helps this little institution a lot.

There is however one thing our librarian would like to be able to do: import files from Bookwhere (his favorite Z39.50 client) with new notices.

I managed to import a Bookwhere-generated file via bulkmarcimport.pl<http://bulkmarcimport.pl> but the web interface wouldn't work: I can load my file, find my records under "manage staged Marc import" but the "import into catalog" step always results in 0 records added - the records aren't in the database and the "Bib" cell stays empty.

I don't get anything in the koha_error_log - I googled around, checked the bugzilla but nothing conclusive. Anyone has an idea what is going on - or where to start looking? Thanks a lot.

By the way I am using koha 3.00.04_fixed.

Best regards,

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