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Marilen Corciovei marilen.corciovei at nemesisit.ro
Fri Apr 30 02:51:52 NZST 2010

Hello Jen,

If you think on using koha on your library the first thing to do is test 
it. There are some ways you can test it on available installs on the net 
and also you can install it yourself if you have some basic 
administration skills and some spare of time (2-3 days). Then, if you 
decide to use koha and you want to migrate your paper data into koha you 
will have to define a marc framework and then start cataloging. The 
simplest way is to import the biblio entries from z3950 servers but this 
is not possible. In the process it's possible to find some bugs or 
config problems which you will have to fix. As a time frame we managed 
to have a running koha up and cataloging in about 4 weeks (around 5 
librarians with no previous experience, remote support and installation, 
no z3950).

Best regards,

jen. sadang wrote:
> Hello there everyone,
> I am working in a small library around 6000 books. I am interested 
> with Koha but I don't have slightest idea where to start with Koha.
> Fortunately, all lists and cards are all intact and well
> Can anyone please provide me step by step approach on how to start 
> integrating Koha in our library.
> thanks
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