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Jim Minges jminges at nekls.org
Sat Apr 24 07:06:05 NZST 2010


After a bit of investigation, it is not yet clear whether use of the
FulfILLment connector system will require that Koha be NCIP compliant. While
that reduces its urgency, I believe NCIP compliance is nonetheless important
for Koha in the long run. NEKLS would tentatively be willing to be one
partner in an NCIP development project, provided that we gain some assurance
from our support vendor (PTFS) that the NCIP enhancement would be made
available to their customers, whether using community Koha (such as NEKLS)
or LLEK, as well as the entire Koha community.


Chris Cormack wrote:

Hi Jim

I agree adding NCIP support would be great, and there was/is a project
called openncip that was set up to do just that.
So speaking as one of the members of the community, are you willing to
sponsor some work on it ? :-)

Maybe you can get together some like minded libraries, write up an
enhancement request and then get someone to work on it.


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