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I got you now, but I guess this is not available in the version 3.0.03. Can
you please send me the link which is seen on clicking the "New Items" link.
I will check out that as well.


On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 11:39 AM, stefan <herrkandera at gmx.ch> wrote:

> Hi Rijal
> Go to "New Items" in the main page and set the date.
> Regards, Stefan
> nitesh rijal schrieb:
>> Hello all....
>> I am using KOHA 3.00.03 in Debian Lenny. I have not looked into new
>> versions of KOHA and I don;t know if the following features are there. I
>> just wanted to know if it is possible to list all the records in the library
>> in a single search.
>> I mean to say that is there a function like "List all Records". I have a
>> requirement from client that what if they want to keep all their records
>> sorted Alphabetically and get them Printed in sheets so that they know what
>> records are available.
>> I think this kind of feature is not available in KOHA right now. If this
>> is available please tell me where is it located. If not available then I'd
>> like to start making one such function, please give me some guidelines as
>> where to start.
>> Another request I got was the ability to export all the records into
>> Document format. I guess that is not possible because the records are in
>> MARC. I'd like to try that as well if it is acheiveable.
>> Lastly, I'm facing a problem while entering a record in Nepali Unicode.
>> While I try to save the record it gives an error saying "Wide Unicode
>> Character", something like that. What may be the possible error?
>> Please Help.
>> Thank you.
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