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Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Apr 22 09:23:07 NZST 2010

* Kelly Sherman (ksherman at ptfs.com) wrote:
>    Hi,
>    *
>    I*m Kelly Sherman and I will be maintaining the News section of the
>    koha.org website.* I believe that the News section should be a way to
>    promote Koha advances and successes to the world.* In that capacity, I*m
>    going to be relying on each of your organizations to send me information
>    that I can post here.* The current News section has grown quite stale,
>    with few new listings since the beginning of this year.* I have posted a
>    few PTFS press releases here, but I*d really like to be able to promote
>    news and information about all of the individuals and companies providing
>    Koha development and support services for a fee.* Please send me any
>    current information relating to your work with Koha so I can get that
>    information up on the site.* In the future, please contact me as often as
>    necessary with new information you*d like added.*
>    *
>    I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Kelly

Due to the closed nature of http://koha.org, on
February 2 the global community voted to move on from http://koha.org to


"Due to long standing concerns in regards to the management of the
koha.org domain, the Koha community decided to establish this website on
2 February 2010 to allow community members to provide information about
Koha to users and developers in a timely and collaborative fashion.

The koha-community.org domain is held by the Horowhenua Library Trust,
the progenitors of Koha.

The koha-community.org website is committed to 
collaboration between all members of the Koha Community."

All current Koha content is now located at that site, including PTFS
news, and in the spirit of FOSS, everyone is welcome to participate there.

Chris Cormack

Koha Release Manager 3.4
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>    Kelly Sherman
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