[Koha] OPAC issue reported by patron

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Wed Apr 21 07:38:56 NZST 2010

Hi Rich

On 21 April 2010 07:28, Rich Boulet <rboulet at bluehill.lib.me.us> wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> Any ideas what is happening on the patron side of things?  Are other
> libraries getting similar complaints?  I don't think it is realistic to
> expect patrons to use a different browser for our site.  Here is the setup:
> A patron reported the following:
> <snip>
> I logged into my account and looked at the books I have checked out.
> I clicked on My Reading History and was bounced out. I had to log in
> again--and was automatically sent to My Reading History.
> Next, I clicked on My Purchase Suggestions and the same thing
> happened--bounced out, logged in, automatically sent to My Purchase
> Suggestions.
> I entered a new purchase suggestion, clicked Submit and the same thing
> happened again, bounced out, logged in again, automatically sent to My
> Purchase Suggestions.
> [on] a new PC--about 2 weeks ago. Windows 7, 64 bit running IE8 (cipher
> strength: 256 bit), browser accepts cookies, problem with website just
> started today.
> I don't have such a problem with other sites that I have to log on to,
> including secure sites (banks, brokerage, etc.)
> </snip>
If it just started today, and you made no changes ... then I'm not
sure there is anything you can do. If it is only happening to one
person (IE you can't recreate it) then I do suspect there is somethng
up with their browsers. The time in the past I have seen this is when
cookies aren't being saved correctly.


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