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Jane Wagner jwagner at ptfs.com
Wed Apr 14 10:20:50 NZST 2010

I've followed up on this with the helpdesk.  Many of us are out at
conferences this week, but we should be able to get someone to fix it at
the database level.

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thank you, Chris. you are correct, as the values available for that
preference are "yes" or "no".  how the db gets hung as the result of a
change from one to the other is beyond me, but this isn't the first time
we've had db problems with the LibLime installation.  i've emailed
support at LibLime.com as well, so hopefully as you say, someone over there
will help us out.  PTFS did talk about offering better support for LibLime

after the acquisition, so i hope that's going to be the case.  Thank You
your help!

shane skeens
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On 14 April 2010 09:04, Shane Skeens <shane at indigospin.com> wrote:
> unfortunately, no. it's a hosted installation through LibLime. no access
> to db or SSH.
Ahh, that's a real shame. You should press them for access to your data.

In the meantime though, I suspect that the value for that preference
is not a 1 or 0, but is something like Yes instead, which is causing
that error, you will need to fix it in the db. So maybe someone at
PTFS can fix that for you.


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