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Amy Schuler schulera at caryinstitute.org
Wed Oct 28 03:24:58 NZDT 2009


Does anyone have any ideas regarding my problem with 852/952 $m.  The problem is that, in editing all of my holdings data to migrate nicely into Koha, I cannot figure out how to migrate my old 852 $m data (call number suffix, a standard MARC subfield, I have publication years and volume #s stored in this field). When I use MarcEdit to swap fields & edit data, I can write a regular expression that will find all 852 $h, i, and m and move them to 952 $o.  However, this only finds & replaces those 852s that have all 3 of those subfields.  Most of my records do not have all 3, they only have $h and i.  So, when I run a second find & replace to pick up the 852s that only have those two subfields, then a second 952 $o is created.

In short, it seems that my choices in regard to $m data are: (1) move $m to some completely different subfield ($z public note, $t copy number?  Little misleading), or (2) have 2 instances of $o in some of my 952 fields, although I am not sure how this will render, or even whether Koha will accept this (is $o repeatable??)

I hope I have been clear.  Please let me know if you have ideas.  I am running Koha v. 3.0001005 and I attach a sample record (with most edits made) below.  Note that this record contains two 952s because it is a 2 volume set, as well as the $m's.

=LDR  01105cam  2200301 i 4500
=001  \\\74075531\//r952
=003  DLC
=005  19950918112125.9
=008  750501s1975\\\\nyua\\\\\b\\\\00010\eng\\
=010  \\$a   74075531 //r952
=020  \\$a091384800X
=040  \\$aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
=043  \\$an-us---
=050  \\$aQH76$b.E36
=082  00$a333.7/2
=100  10$aEgler, Frank Edwin,$d1911-
=245  14$aThe plight of the rightofway domain :$bvictim of vandalism /$cby Frank E. Egler, consultant, and Stan R. Foote.
=260  0\$aMt. Kisco, N.Y. :$bFutura Media Services,$c[1975]
=300  \\$a2 v. :$bill. ;$c23 cm.
=500  \\$aVol. 2 has also special title: Personalized documentation.
=504  \\$aIncludes bibliographical references.
=650  \0$aLandscape protection$zUnited States.
=650  \0$aRight of way$zUnited States.
=650  \0$aBrush$xcontrol$xEnvironmental aspects$zUnited States.
=650  \0$aPlant ecology$zUnited States.
=700  10$aFoote, Stan R.,$ejoint author.
=952  \\$p10020$oHC 110 .E5 E35$mv.1$d20030108
=952  \\$p10021$oHC 110 .E5 E35$mv.2$d20030108

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