[Koha] Koha-3.0.4 Stable release

LAURENT Henri-Damien henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com
Thu Oct 22 03:47:44 NZDT 2009

last but not least, with a big delay on the schedule,
I am very happy to announce Koha3.0.4 Stable, which fixes many
bugs has been released on http://download.koha.org/
Its name is koha-3.00.04.tar.gz You can download file and signatures

Big Kudos to Chris Cormack who helped me get all the stack of patches to 
get in and to all the translators who devoted time on translations.

It fixes Amazon webservices and many other things.
It count not less than 634 patches.

You can check the integrity of the package; either by verifying the provided
GPG signature (.sig) or by comparing the MD5 checksum:
1c6d5e7e8c8707b0867fe98a4f1541f6 koha-3.00.04.tar.gz

I have also tagged this in Git as "Stable Version 3.0.4"

You can download.
An extract of release notes is pasted below
     Budgets were managed on receiveddate and not on orderdate

     Auto_Truncation is managed in zebra
     ccl query
     Results display improved : adding better display for subtitles
     Updating Amazon support

     holdings support improved and holding queues
     Branch transfer limits added
     better use of CircControl and HomeOrHoldingBranch system preferences

     xsl stylesheets for unimarc

     Better support for LDAP connections

     Privacy : name on suggestions removed and replaced by library name
     basket and shelves improvements

Overall improvements
     Much work on better XHTML compliance
     Some work on sorting lists
     Improving translatability of all the strings (xsl and js)

This release is bugfix only release, and doesnot include new
branchtransfer, holds_fill_target and field mappings introduction could 
be considered as new features but are in fact bug fixes.
It adds 18 changes in database, most of which are system preferences 
changes or adding and required new tables.

for a comprehensive list of bug fixed in this release

Henri-Damien LAURENT

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