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Wed Nov 11 03:01:06 NZDT 2009

(=3D952  ..)(\$h)([A-Za-z0-9.]*)(\$i)([A-Za-z0-9.]*)(\$.*\$b[A-Za-z0-9.]*)

This will take the data from the $h field (and the data could be
capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and decimals) and the
data from the $i string (and the data could be capital letters, lower
case letters, numbers and decimals) and $b is the last subfield in the
952 field.

TIP: This regular expression may need to be changed depending on the
type of data you have in your system. Libraries that use the LC
classification system in particular may need to tweak the =93replace=94
command to find and move cutters.

And enter the following string into the 'Replace with' box:
$1$o$3 $5$6

This string is saying stay in the same field number as in parenthesis
#1, move the data from parenthesis #3 of the 'Find what' string next
to $o, add a space, take the data from parenthesis #5 and move it to
$o as well, then check to the end of the field and leave all the other
subfield data alone."

I tried doing the above on my records, but I think it only finds the
data and doesn't replace anything, because it said "0 modifications
were made." and took a few seconds to finish. Any ideas on how to move
the subfields?


2010/10/28 Christopher Curry <ccurry at>:
> Maxwell,
> Have a look at the "Swapping Fields" section of this page in the old
> manual.=A0 It explains how to accomplish this by first moving th=
e 852
> $h & $i to 952 $h & $i, then using a RegEx to combine the two fields into
> one $o subfield:
> I couldn't find this information in the official docs:
> Cheers,
> Christopher Curry
> Assistant Technical Librarian / Assistant IT Officer
> American Philosophical Society
> 105 South Fifth Street
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> ccurry at
> Main Library number: (215)440-3400
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> On 10/28/2010 10:13 AM, SlyzertVoltrond wrote:
> How do I use MarcEdit's Find/Replace function to move 852's $h and $i
> subfield data into one 952's $o subfield? If I try to swap $h of 852
> to $o of 952 and then do that again for $i of 852 field, I end up
> creating two $o entries in the 952 field, which I don't think is
> allowed for call number subfield. Also, I don't have the slightest
> idea how to use regular expressions to achieve the said task, so I
> would appreciate it if someone could write it for me, or at least
> guide me how to write one.
> regards,
> Maxwell
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