[Koha] Koha Items Issue

Koller Wolfgang wolfgang.koller at NHM-WIEN.AC.AT
Fri Nov 27 21:19:02 NZDT 2009

Dear Mailing List!
I'm currently setting up Koha as a replacement for ISIS here at NHM-Vienna.
Everything is working fine so far, Koha is up an running, UTF-8 support works, searching works, etc. Now I only got a two problems with Items:
- Entries with more than one Item always return a 404 Error in the OPAC-Interface. The koha-opac-error.log file states a realloc() error in perl (backtrace includes the HTML::Template::Pro module).
- When I try to manually add a new Item for an Entry, all the drop downs like "Withdrawn Status" etc. are empty. I guess they should contain some default values shouldn't they?
I would be very graceful for any help, as I already tried to install different HTML::Template::Pro versions, but nothing helped!
If you need any more info - please let me know!
Thanks in advance,
Wolfgang Koller

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