[Koha] Task Scheduler

Nicole Engard nengard at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 01:29:41 NZDT 2009

Hi all,

As you know I'm working on the 3.2 manual.  I'm about to write up the
Task Scheduler documentation and I have never seen this in action, so
I wanted to ask if any of you are using it and if so what do you want
me to note in the manual about the process.

In the old manual I had some notes in the comments:
http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.2/tools/task-scheduler that
implied that this tool didn't work - but I've heard from some of you
that it does ... so basically I need to know how it works so I can
write it up properly.

Thanks a bunch,
Nicole C. Engard

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