[Koha] Staging Error

Ankit Gupta ankit.gupta at three60.in
Tue Nov 24 18:36:17 NZDT 2009

Dear MJ Ray

Thanks for replying. I am using 3.00.02. I have solved the problem . I was trying to upload mrk file generated by delimited text translator, I ran it through MARC Maker and now it is working ok. Though a better error message would have helped. I will try using 3.00.04.

Thanks again for support.

Ankit Gupta
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Ankit Gupta wrote:
> MARC Staging results :
> ␦1 records in file
> ␦1 records not staged because of MARC error
> Is there any log to check error details. No relevant log in
> /var/log/koha/koha-error_log

Which Koha version is it?  I think 3.00.04 gives better error messages
than that, but maybe I've an enhancement installed that I'd forgotten
to submit.  All import errors should be on-screen, not in the logs,
because librarians can usually fix problems without waiting for the
server admin to check logs.

You can test the file from the server command-line with something like
  perl -MMARC::File::USMARC -e 'print MARC::File::USMARC->in("MARCFILENAME.MRC")->next()->as_formatted()."\n";'
(at least for MARC21 format).

Hope that helps,
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