[Koha] Z39.50 LOC looks to local host?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Nov 24 05:57:23 NZDT 2009

Corie Julius wrote:
> [...] One snag we haven't been able to figure out is using the
> cataloging feature with LOC's Z39.50. When we click the "z39.50 Search"
> button a pop up window appears that says "Z39.50 Search Points" at the top
> and has a few fields to fill out with search terms like "Title:" and "ISBN:"
> and a few "Search targets" at the bottom, of which the LOC target is
> checked. When we search anything, however, the search fails and we can tell
> from the browser pop up window that the browser is looking at the local host
> ( After a short while a message appears that says: "Connection
> failed to z3950.loc.gov"
> Can anyone tell us what we need to do or point us to a page that can help us
> to connect to z3950.loc.gov?

It's your web browser which is looking at localhost.  That's right
because localhost is where Koha is running and it's Koha which is
trying to connect to z3950.loc.gov and reporting a connection failure.
Your web browser probably can't speak z39.50 protocol - HTTP is its

If you're at a school, I'd expect the firewall is forbidding UDP
connections on port 7090 and you need to talk to the network
administrator to let the Koha server through.

Hope that helps,
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