[Koha] Hello / marc import problem

Joel Cornuz jcornuz at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 15:43:08 NZDT 2009

Hi there,

I am helping a school setting up Koha for their 6000 books library. We are
nearing the stage of production with installation, labels, importation,
daily management etc under control, thanks to Koha. So KUDOS :)

The last thing we need is to import records from Bookwhere (a Z ). I can
stage a batch of records, the records appear in the managing batch as
expected but no matter what, clicking on "import into catalogue" will give
me a 0 number of records added, updated, ignored and the same for items.
Obviously, I don't find my records in the catalogue.

I don't get any error message in koha_error-log, so I wonder if I am missing
something obvious? btw, my koha version is 3.00.04.

Thanks for any help.

Take care,

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