[Koha] Help needed in KOHA interface

nitesh rijal rijal.it at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 20:33:07 NZDT 2009

Hello all.

I wanted to add a new search field in KOHA default search to find the
records according to their biblionumber.

I have seen that arguments can be passed to the details.pl to show record of
a particular biblionumber through the browser query string.

I just wanted to add a search box that accepts biblionumber and sends the
user to the particular details page of respective biblionumber.....what file
should I write them on???

Please Help....

Nitesh Rijal
email: rijal.it at gmail.com
url: http://niteshrijal.com.np
facebook: http://facebook.com/openrijal
twitter: http://twitter.com/openrijal
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