[Koha] Barcode scanners known to work well with Koha

Agnes Rivers-Moore arm at hanover.ca
Wed Nov 18 05:03:06 NZDT 2009

Hello Doug

The main points to check are that it connects to your PC conveniently 
(can be USB or "keyboard wedge" which means it connects in line with the 
keyboard, which is useful with older computers), and that it scans the 
barcode type that you are using. As Chris says, if you have a text 
editor open and you scan a barcode the number should appear, and if so, 
the scanner will 'send' to Koha.
It is a good idea to test some 'used' barcodes if you have any, to see 
whether the scanner can read scuffed or slightly wrinkled ones 
Most scanners are capable of reading several barcode types - there are 
many, and the specification should list the ones it can read. You may 
need to adjust settings slightly, such as prefix and suffix characters, 
or whether you want to send an 'enter' character or not.
We use Unitech, Symbol, and Metrologic. You should be able to find some 
models for under 100 pounds.
One more tip - some can be set 'always on' and may come with a stand, 
some have triggers under the handle, some have buttons on top, some are 
held like a pen. Think about the staff working position before choosing, 
as a button in the wrong place can be very awkward to use.

Good hunting!

Doug Kingston wrote:
> I am helping a small library to implement Koha here in London.  I am 
> looking for recommendations for simple handheld scanners that 
> integrate easily with Koha's web interface approach.
> -Doug-
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