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Paul Poulain paul.poulain at biblibre.com
Mon Nov 16 21:04:04 NZDT 2009

Walls, Ian a écrit :
> In the long run, I think it might be a good idea to allow for arbitrarily many addresses to be attached to any institution.  This would separate the physical locations (like vendor PO boxes, shipping addresses, libraries branches) from the financial institutions (vendors, library Accounts Payable, etc.), and allow us to mix library financial institutions together with vendors (making consortial purchasing of resources easier to trace)
> Additionally, I really think that Vendor Contact should not be stored with the Vendor itself, but rather linked, again allowing for arbitrarily many contacts (each with a role).  This would be extremely valuable for the development of a Koha Electronic Resources Management (ERM) system, since one often has different contacts at a company (sales, technical support, billing, etc.).  Vendor contacts could then be assigned a level of permission on the system (or not), as the library deems appropriate.
> I have the beginnings of a proposal in the works, and I will publish it as an RFC when I'm confident it makes sense.
In the new_acq, that should be merged to main trunk as soon as galen can 
take care of it, you can specify the "delivery branch". It can be 
choosen from the branches list, and/or, a free text can be added (to 
specify something that is not in the branches table, or to specify an 
address that is not in the table at all).
That's a 1st step in the direction you suggest, Ian.

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